Easy Wheels Set R44/R66

Art.Nr.: wheelr44

Set bestehend aus 2 Rädern (exkl. Arms).
  • EASY WHEELS are made of the best material.
  • EASY WHEELS are extremely light rolling.
  • EASY WHEELS are extremely light in weight.
  • EASY WHEELS are very compact thanks to the full-removable handles.
  • EASY WHEELS are therefore easy for in-flight storage.
  • EASY WHEELS are very stylish.
  • EASY WHEELS are maintenance free.
  • EASY WHEELS are usable on old and new (2012) R44 and R66

The light weight wheel is made of Polyamide 6 (max. load 500 kg/1100Lbs with a max. speed of 4 kmph/2.5mph). The massif elastic rubber, which is vulcanized on the wheel, originates from the automotive industry. This means that the wheels create an easy way to set the helicopter in motion and have a low rolling resistance.
The Wheel hubs are made of special aluminum, used in the aircraft industry.
Both the skid and wheel axis are made of a special metal alloy with a surface treatment. The skid axis has a security lock to prevent fail positioning.
When assembling those parts no application of welding, nut & bolt linkages or threads are involved. Therefore these heavy loaded parts are maintenance free.
Thickness of the wheels is 50mm/2inches
Total weight of one set R44/66 ORIGINAL EASY WHEELS including wheel hubs is 4940gr/10.9Lb.
Brand of wheel ball bearings: SKF or FAG.
All parts are designed and produced in Europe .
All parts are made by CNC machines.


790,00 EUR

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