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Arm Rest for Robinson R44

Arm Rest for Robinson R44
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Front Seat Occupants

Front seat passengers DO NOT ENJOY sitting upright, unsupported with hands folded in their lap… especially when the aircraft is banking or in turbulence.
The sturdy arm rest solves that problem and makes flying in your R44 an even more pleasurable experience. And a pilot’s day is less stressful when his or her right arm is resting in a more comfortable position.
The sturdy metal frame and linkage assembly is light weight and the arm pad is of comfortable foam with a slightly contoured surface ….similar to an office chair or airline seat.
The hinged arm assembly is flipped up an out of the way for ease of occupant ingress and egress. The complete arm rest assembly is removed or the arm stowed in the upright position when the co-pilots collective is installed.

The curved end of the arm rest bracket is hooked over the front seat’s round horizontal support bar… between the seat and the fuselage.
Dual steel pins secure the assembly firmly in place. Installation or removal can be accomplished in 60 seconds. NO TOOLS required.